Well we did say we didn’t believe in ghosts! Of course, we acknowledge that the Experiment was a punt. Why should MPs trust some random website which offers to put their anonymous views out? How desperate would they have to be to do that? Clearly, very desperate indeed.

But if Labour or the Conservatives really were full of wannabe Centrists who despised the direction their parties had taken, they would be desperate. They should be desperate.

There has always been some confusion about whether red and blue ‘Centrists’ are Centrist by inclination or by calculation. It can be very hard to tell, but it now seems to us that there is currently no chance of a realignment of politics back to the Centre emerging from the Commons.

So where does that leave us? A new party? A list? A movement? Waiting for events? We’ll look at each of these further over the coming weeks, but we are left with no doubt that the old Centre is quite dead.

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