On 21st October I sent an email to all 650 MPs inviting anonymous contributions with a deadline of yesterday.

As I explained in the email, the point of this experiment was to test whether there really were desperate Centrists who wanted to get a message out, but just couldn’t for party or personal reasons. We kept knowledge of this website private so that only MPs were aware of it. We opened the comments section, provided an anonymous voicemail hotline and invited emails from anonymous email accounts.

The only response we received was from Paul Flynn MP telling us that he had always felt free to say what he thought. Good for him! He didn’t play along, but it’s always good to know your email’s been received.

We will leave the comments section below open to see whether any, more timid, voices are prepared to come out of hiding and we’ll publish our conclusions tomorrow.

It would be fitting for the ghosts of the Centre to make contact on Halloween. That said, we at deadcentre.com don’t believe in ghosts.

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